z3sport_lgZ3 Sport is what happens when you ask a pioneer in health research how to be “sore no more” WITHOUT spending $2-$3 per serving for the privilege.  The first batch resembled a drug deal more than a top-quality nutraceutical, but we don’t like waiting for pretty – we want results. Out of that baggie exchanged in a parking lot came a nuclear-powered blend of Proteolytic Enzymes, Lypase, Amalase and a special mix of mineral activators.  No caffeine, no calories, no carbs and no sugar.  Just pure BEAST MODE in a bottle. READ MORE



Like my mom once said, “What doesn’t hurt… doesn’t work.”  And that’s especially true of our joints as we age.  Stiff hands, sore shoulders, that nagging “trick” knee all angry and inflamed due to years of regular use. And it isn’t like we can just stop using the stuff that hurts!

If you’re like most people suffering from joint discomfort, you turn to an “over the counter” pain reliever… or something stronger and possibly habit-forming.  You might have tried a good blend of Glucosamine, Haluronic Acid and herbs for relief. READ MORE